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Fishing For Compliments Mats

Not your ordinary measure mat, we’ve gone the extra mile to make your catch look great with our epic range of
Fishing For Compliments Mats.

Made from top quality vinyl with sweet-as print options, these bad boys roll from the big end so you don’t have to unravel the whole thing every time. They also feature nylon rivets and PVC ends that won’t rust and crust.

Just choose your pic and size


FOR ALL THE compliments coming your way!


We’re just getting started with our range of sweet Onagona merch and figured on keeping things mono-chromatic. Not only does everyone look good in black and white, but dogs get to fully enjoy the range too.

Don’t worry, we love colour too,  check out our awesome Fishing For Compliments mats.

About Us

Way back before fidget spinners and flossing, when life was simple and summers were long, a Sydney toddler called Thomas, enthusiastically remarked on the sun glinting through the rain, podgy digit aloft, he exclaimed ‘Look, it’s onagona’. Eyebrows were raised and bemused glances exchanged, before the meaning of young T’s proclamation became clear. A new English word was born, neatly and rhythmically capturing the rare beauty of Sunshine in the rain.

Set your watches for 2023 and that same brave spirited youngster Thomas, with a passion for fun, adventure and action, decided that the spirit of Onagona should be unleashed as mighty fine action gear. So here we are, Onagona ventures blinking into the big bright world, Thomas is delighted, and hopes you will be too!


Don’t be shy, we’d love to hear from you. Chuck us a note, post your piccies or vid some good vibes we’re standing by this here web messenger or dem socials.

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